Current Activities

The Transfiguration Evangelization Group is devoted to carrying out our church's mission of promoting our faith. Just a few of the group's accomplishments include the following:

  • Assistance in coordinating the Parish Fundraising Dinner as well as using the Dinner event to familiarize the Trans family with the new parish motto "One Church, One Family, Pass it On!"
  • Hold multilingual prayer services with evangelization as the central focus, featuring themed skits by various parish groups
  • Design and distribution of T-shirts expressing the parish motto
  • Distribution of invitational brochures and evangelization-themed CDs to members of the community outside of the Parish during the Assumption Procession
  • Provide selected resources designed to facilitate evangelization of others
  • Arrange for individual parishioners to share their testimonies at services every third Sunday of the month
  • Distribution of monthly articles designed to solicit parishioners' reactions to topics related to evangelization


Join Us!

We are always looking for evangelical inspiration as well as help with event coordination. If you are interested in Passing It On, please join us!